The Throne In Your Castle

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses” Abraham Lincoln

For years this topic has been discussed and debated by many. It is quite compelling and controversal to both men and women.

*******dramatic drum roll  with a rising cresendo********

Toilet seat up or down??????????

This great debate has proven to be quite the conundrum in many households.

Women think it is quite courteous for the men in the household to place the seat back down after they tinkle and sprinkle. The only time women feel they should see the toilet’s “underworld” is when they clean the toilet.(ok sorry for the semi-sexist statement here,lol)

Now the men , who have the esteemed privilege of living in an predominantly female household, learn how to conform and adapt to their enviroment….Putting the seat down, even though deep down in their hearts they feel like IF they did leave the seat up what is the big deal anywho…..who doesn’t look before they leap??????

As hilarious as this whole topic may be, there is no real correct answer. And while we are on that discussion what about the “There’s Something About Lids ” debate?????Open lid or closed lid????? Closed for vanity of it or open for the practicality???? The world just may never know……………




Thank You

Dear Lovely Followers,

I thank each and everyone for all the likes,follows,and comments.

It means so much to me that I am relatable to so many.

I know I may have been missed,during my very brief hiatus…..but reading my words will keep me present until I return………Virtual hugs to all my fellow tea Sippers…..Mrs.Dee will be back.

The Empowerment of Forgiveness

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future” – Paul Boese

When people in our lives hurt us, whether it is physically or mentally,we must learn and practice the true meaning of forgiveness.This is not an easy task by any means. When we are hurt, like a defense mechanism, we tend to put up a wall and boundary as to protect and shield ourselves.Sometimes this wall we will build is made up of anger and resentment. If we allow ourselves to feel this way we will stay on the “right”side of the wall and will not put ourselves in the position to be hurt again.This is how we rationalize our feelings, and almost make it seem like the right thing to do.But this is so off the mark from what we need to do.

Forgiveness is a process, that does not happen right away, and that is fine. When we hold on to hurt and hatred, we are impeding the process  from even beginning.When we hold on to these feelings (which are totally understandable) it actually hurts us more than the people that we are carrying these negative feelings for.

Forgiveness goes beyond “I’m sorry”, it delves into WHY you  are sorry, and how your actions may have affected someone else.Just saying the words to appease is not forgiveness.(which many of us have been guilty of doing).Sometimes we are not sorry we did something , we are just sorry we got caught or called out on doing it. (Just keeping it real here).

To be ready to forgive we have to let go of the resentment and anger and be willing to re-establish a better relationship,and move past a bad experience.Forgiving is about being understanding,having compassion, and outright godly. God forgives us everyday all day for our mistakes , so we need to take a page from the ultimate life guide and give it a try.It may be hard, depending on the specific circustances, but it can be done.

It can be a quite freeing experience, and allow you mentally to be more at peace, it may allow some closure or clarity , and no matter what the outcome may be it will allow YOU to move forward without the negitivity…..which is positively awsome!






To Share or Not To Share Is The Real Question

“Man is,at one and the same time, a solitary being and a social being” – Albert Einstein

Social media is a tremendous way we interact with one another and the way we share and receive information on a very broad spectrum.Our society is almost obsessed with us being able to share our feelings and views on the relevent topics of the day,  and memorbale events in our lives as well.We,as a society, have the almost compulsive need to not only share, but to know how others feel about what we shared, we need that connection to almost validate our feelings.Do they “like” it? How many of my “friends” saw my posts? And now with the expressive emojis it can even let you know how others react to what you shared,their feelings on you sharing your feelings or experiences.Who even thought is was that deep?

But like with all good things, all good things in MODERATION , or it can become a bad thing.(or annoying too,lol)

Now please be aware that there are some unspoken rules of social media etiquette in case you were not aware: You can not share enough on the social media sites, maybe fearing that your privacy may be invaded by you sharing too much, to the point where your profile picture may still be the Casper the Ghost head.(and then wonder why no one will accept your friend requests;they think you may be a hacker, or just a plain old weirdo,lol).You also have on the oppposite end of the spectrum , the oversharer.The person who uses the social media platform to chronicle their “day in the life of me”,you know who you are,if you are constantly posting all day long as if this is a paid position with good medical benefits and a 401k plan.

Use discretion in what you share and how often you share as well.Be mindful if you are dedicating large amounts of time being active on these social sites you are actually taking away from actively enjoying your experiences…sometimes you have to just enjoy the moment without “posting” the moment,and just” share” the moment with friends and family you are there with.Ending this with a real smiley face.

The Beauty Budgetnista

“Everything has beauty,but not everyone sees it” by Confucius

We all love to look good, it gives us an extra added boost of confidence.and it makes you radiate from the inside out. It may seem vain, but we are a visual society and image is paramount.Advertisements are geared towards appealing to our vanity as well.”You too can look better, younger,thinner, more vivacous, more curvacous……all you have to do is BUY our product(which promises with a worry free, money back guarantee, that you will be pleased).Beauty seemingly has a price and the cost can become rather expensive.

Beauty is a $160 billion global industry,including make-up, skincare , and haircare products.(which also includes fragrances,cosmetic surgery, and diet pills).Americans overall spend more on beauty than we do on education.Yes, re-read the last sentence, it is not a typo.

Many of these costly beauty products, after their celebrity endorsements and pretty packaging fair just as well as some natural, and practical household items we have right at home, and for a fraction of the cost.Not only are these items normally readily available, they have multiple uses so you will get more bang for your buck.You can thank me later ,lol,and please feel free to share your own product and uses also.Sharing is caring.

My Top 10 List of “Beauty in my Household” Products

1. Sea Salt – A cooking spice  /  A facial exfoliate

2. Mayonaise- A popular condiment /Conditoner for hair ,softens                                                                                cuticles before a manicure

3. Baking Soda – Household freshener/Additive to shampoo to volumize                                                                     hair.

4.Peroxide- Topical first aid/Facial toner to treat acne

5. Apple Cidar Vinegar- A cooking ingredient/ Foot soak

6.Eggs-Staple for recipes and breakfast/Removes facial hair,tightens                                                           and shrinks large pores(use as a mask)

7.Lemon-Flavorful citrus in recipes/Removes blackheads,and                                                                              lightens old scars.(use as a scrub)

8.Coffee-Common beverage /Reduces the appearance of                                                                                       cellulite,hand deodorizer .(use as a scrub)

9.Milk-Common beverage/Wrinkle reducer help to boost collagen                                                                 (use as a toner)

10.Honey-Natural sweetener/Skin moisturizer

2016-05-30 12.45.17

“Owning It”

“Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow” by Doug Firebaugh

When i speak of  “owning  it” I mean it  literally,for you  to claim what is rightfully yours and take full  ownership and responsibility for it.

If someone calls you strange or weird, don’t get offended by it, embrace and own your individuality that makes you stand out in the crowd,  and remembered among a vast sea of people.

If your religion that you believe in is “too much” for some people, still own your faith, don’t deny it,and continue on professing what was put in your heart to share with others or sustain you spiritually. Many people have found their spiritual calling this way.

If you don’t have that perfect figure(according to the trending standards ), still own your beauty,all your lovely imperfections and rock it with confidence like you are a model on that runway.You should always be your biggest fan.

If you have hurt someone (on a mental or physical level), do not let pride get in the way , own the fact that your words and actions could have been hurtful and if so apologize(and not out of necessity but out of sincerity)

If you have a debt that needs to be repayed, own that financial obligation as well.If you borrowed it or spent it , it is your duty to pay it back on the terms specified.Financial accountability will help aid in budgeting.

If you are dreading that extra birthday candle on the cake this year, own that too, and embrace the fact that you have been fortunate and blessed to see another year, growing older comes with getting wiser and it is a privilege that some have been denied.

If a new opportunity for personal growth or advancement is presented to you, own it and claim it , there was a reason is was revealed to you,do not let it pass you by because the chance may not come again.Seize the chance to learn something new.

Owning the material things in life is what we work for, but it’s the intangible things we can own in life that should mean so much more.

April Snow

I had to share this piece, for all who knew the man, the artist,the legend .Your fans identified with you on a more personal level that you may never know…..

Amazing Lady

Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
Sometimes I wish life was never ending,
And all good things, they say, never last” ~Prince
When it snows in April, although it’s not a rare circumstance, it is always intriguing and startling even when it’s predicted.
I’ve been struggling with the reality of the sudden unexpected death of a music icon, a legend, an instrumental genius and lyricist, Prince Rogers Nelson which occurred on Thursday, April 21, 2016.
Prince was my first love. I gained an appreciation of rock, pop, romance as well as erotic spirituality just from listening to his music and studying the words. I was enamoured by his beauty that surpassed yet encompassed gender. I was consumed by the strong instrumental conversations that commanded as much attention as his thought provoking lyrics that sparked controversy at times with sex, love, social issues as…

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