The Beauty Budgetnista

“Everything has beauty,but not everyone sees it” by Confucius

We all love to look good, it gives us an extra added boost of confidence.and it makes you radiate from the inside out. It may seem vain, but we are a visual society and image is paramount.Advertisements are geared towards appealing to our vanity as well.”You too can look better, younger,thinner, more vivacous, more curvacous……all you have to do is BUY our product(which promises with a worry free, money back guarantee, that you will be pleased).Beauty seemingly has a price and the cost can become rather expensive.

Beauty is a $160 billion global industry,including make-up, skincare , and haircare products.(which also includes fragrances,cosmetic surgery, and diet pills).Americans overall spend more on beauty than we do on education.Yes, re-read the last sentence, it is not a typo.

Many of these costly beauty products, after their celebrity endorsements and pretty packaging fair just as well as some natural, and practical household items we have right at home, and for a fraction of the cost.Not only are these items normally readily available, they have multiple uses so you will get more bang for your buck.You can thank me later ,lol,and please feel free to share your own product and uses also.Sharing is caring.

My Top 10 List of “Beauty in my Household” Products

1. Sea Salt – A cooking spice  /  A facial exfoliate

2. Mayonaise- A popular condiment /Conditoner for hair ,softens                                                                                cuticles before a manicure

3. Baking Soda – Household freshener/Additive to shampoo to volumize                                                                     hair.

4.Peroxide- Topical first aid/Facial toner to treat acne

5. Apple Cidar Vinegar- A cooking ingredient/ Foot soak

6.Eggs-Staple for recipes and breakfast/Removes facial hair,tightens                                                           and shrinks large pores(use as a mask)

7.Lemon-Flavorful citrus in recipes/Removes blackheads,and                                                                              lightens old scars.(use as a scrub)

8.Coffee-Common beverage /Reduces the appearance of                                                                                       cellulite,hand deodorizer .(use as a scrub)

9.Milk-Common beverage/Wrinkle reducer help to boost collagen                                                                 (use as a toner)

10.Honey-Natural sweetener/Skin moisturizer

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