Living in your purpose

“When you realize God’s purpose for your life isn’t just about you.He will use you in a mighty way”-Dr. Tony Evans

Life would be much easier if there was an instruction manual to it.  You could make sure you chose the model life you preferred,all the necessary parts came all in one box,  and all you had to do was to put it together properly,and hold on to the warranty just in case something went wrong.

We have all experienced times in our lives when trials and tribulations make life seem quite difficult and just downright stressful.Life seems so extremely hard to us during these periods because we want to live the way we want and not the way God has designed our lives for us.When doors are closed in your face,when people are removed from your life,when we have been broken down to our last common denominator-it has all been done for a purpose.But many times we don’t understand the reasoning of why things may have happended the way they did, so we challenge it.

Have you ever approached that locked door , and was pretty sure it was locked good and tight , but STILL try to open the door.You may pull harder or even try with the other hand to get that door open, you may even resort to knocking on the window.At this point your only focus is how much you need to get in there,when there may be a reason why you just were not allowed to make it in there in there in the first place.

God has a purpose for all of us and a mission to carry out throughout our lifetime here on earth.If God had this in mind for his son, then why would he not have this in mind for his other children?


To Share or Not To Share Is The Real Question

“Man is,at one and the same time, a solitary being and a social being” – Albert Einstein

Social media is a tremendous way we interact with one another and the way we share and receive information on a very broad spectrum.Our society is almost obsessed with us being able to share our feelings and views on the relevent topics of the day, ¬†and memorbale events in our lives as well.We,as a society, have the almost compulsive need to not only share, but to know how others feel about what we shared, we need that connection to almost validate our feelings.Do they “like” it? How many of my “friends” saw my posts? And now with the expressive emojis it can even let you know how others react to what you shared,their feelings on you sharing your feelings or experiences.Who even thought is was that deep?

But like with all good things, all good things in MODERATION , or it can become a bad thing.(or annoying too,lol)

Now please be aware that there are some unspoken rules of social media etiquette in case you were not aware: You can not share enough on the social media sites, maybe fearing that your privacy may be invaded by you sharing too much, to the point where your profile picture may still be the Casper the Ghost head.(and then wonder why no one will accept your friend requests;they think you may be a hacker, or just a plain old weirdo,lol).You also have on the oppposite end of the spectrum , the oversharer.The person who uses the social media platform to chronicle their “day in the life of me”,you know who you are,if you are constantly posting all day long as if this is a paid position with good medical benefits and a 401k plan.

Use discretion in what you share and how often you share as well.Be mindful if you are dedicating large amounts of time being active on these social sites you are actually taking away from actively enjoying your experiences…sometimes you have to just enjoy the moment without “posting” the moment,and just” share” the moment with friends and family you are there with.Ending this with a real smiley face.