“Owning It”

“Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow” by Doug Firebaugh

When i speak of  “owning  it” I mean it  literally,for you  to claim what is rightfully yours and take full  ownership and responsibility for it.

If someone calls you strange or weird, don’t get offended by it, embrace and own your individuality that makes you stand out in the crowd,  and remembered among a vast sea of people.

If your religion that you believe in is “too much” for some people, still own your faith, don’t deny it,and continue on professing what was put in your heart to share with others or sustain you spiritually. Many people have found their spiritual calling this way.

If you don’t have that perfect figure(according to the trending standards ), still own your beauty,all your lovely imperfections and rock it with confidence like you are a model on that runway.You should always be your biggest fan.

If you have hurt someone (on a mental or physical level), do not let pride get in the way , own the fact that your words and actions could have been hurtful and if so apologize(and not out of necessity but out of sincerity)

If you have a debt that needs to be repayed, own that financial obligation as well.If you borrowed it or spent it , it is your duty to pay it back on the terms specified.Financial accountability will help aid in budgeting.

If you are dreading that extra birthday candle on the cake this year, own that too, and embrace the fact that you have been fortunate and blessed to see another year, growing older comes with getting wiser and it is a privilege that some have been denied.

If a new opportunity for personal growth or advancement is presented to you, own it and claim it , there was a reason is was revealed to you,do not let it pass you by because the chance may not come again.Seize the chance to learn something new.

Owning the material things in life is what we work for, but it’s the intangible things we can own in life that should mean so much more.