The Throne In Your Castle

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses” Abraham Lincoln

For years this topic has been discussed and debated by many. It is quite compelling and controversal to both men and women.

*******dramatic drum roll  with a rising cresendo********

Toilet seat up or down??????????

This great debate has proven to be quite the conundrum in many households.

Women think it is quite courteous for the men in the household to place the seat back down after they tinkle and sprinkle. The only time women feel they should see the toilet’s “underworld” is when they clean the toilet.(ok sorry for the semi-sexist statement here,lol)

Now the men , who have the esteemed privilege of living in an predominantly female household, learn how to conform and adapt to their enviroment….Putting the seat down, even though deep down in their hearts they feel like IF they did leave the seat up what is the big deal anywho…..who doesn’t look before they leap??????

As hilarious as this whole topic may be, there is no real correct answer. And while we are on that discussion what about the “There’s Something About Lids ” debate?????Open lid or closed lid????? Closed for vanity of it or open for the practicality???? The world just may never know……………