Fear:The Abstract Noun

“Fear in inevitable,I have to accept that I cannot allow it to paralyze me” By :Isabel Allende

What is fear? Fear is an emotion ,one that is caused by the belief that something is dangerous, likely to cause pain,or is a threat.We fear the unknown,what is different, or just something that takes us out of our own comfort zone.There are times when we anticipate a probable bad outcome even before we have a chance to encounter the experience:that is fear at work and doing at little overtime.

If we live in fear, we limit ourselves and our experiences in life, and the majority of us only get one chance at it.Now there are some chosen few who are like cats, and may be working on their sixth of their nine lives,lol.

You can’t stop fear from being an emotion that you may have, and I’m not saying to not be cautious in some of your choices as well.But do not allow fear to inhibit you from trying new things.We tend to fear the unknown, I get that, it’s part of our human nature.Once you encounter an experience it goes from being unknown to the “been there done that have a shirt to prove it”memory repertoire.After the experience, you can make the judgement call if you will do whatever it is again, but with validity because you have tried it at least once.

In our later years it’s our experiences that make for the best memories, that give us the best ¬†colorful stories to share, and the most vivid images in our mental scrapbook.Don’t let not overcoming a few fears steal this away from you.