The Refuge,and The Solace

I feel safe tonight as the words and thoughts comfort me.
Even if just for a moment.
The false sense of security that’s hiding behind media images and autocorrect.
This is what’s  keeping me unemotional and focused to the task at hand.
Impartial and ambiguous.
I am not the strongest person,but i shall hold the weight on my shoulder,and try my best not to fall down.
If i ramble like an intoxicated fool,it’s ok.
No liquor was abused or harmed in making this piece.
Drunk from reality,and it’s giving me quite the hangover.
I am ready to deal with it all.
Even if i’m not ready,i will still deal with it.
Bring on the Tylenlol,it’s going to be long night
And day
And night.



Author: Mrs.Dee

Inspirational Blogger/Entertainment enthusiast

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