Be proud of yourself

We must learn to see and acknowledge our strengths as well as our shortcomings.This blog is a perfect example of a good daily routine

Shelly Ray

For the past few weeks I have been feeling a little down. Some might say I’ve been in a rut. This is due to not being completely happy with certain things in my life, putting a lot of pressure on myself to change them, and also just general feelings of sadness and annoyance that don’t seem to stem from any one thing in particular.

While working out today I had an epiphany of sorts, and I thought I would share it in case any of you are struggling with some of the feelings of doubt and unhappiness that I have been experiencing. My epiphany was that I do not do a good enough job of patting myself on the back for all of the things I am doing right. Instead, I focus on the negatives or what I think I could be doing better. This causes a lot of unnecessary stress and…

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3 thoughts on “Be proud of yourself”

    1. Awwwwwwsies,thank you so much for your kindness and acknowledgement.I will address all the rules and regulations later,but wanted to say with much sincerity thank you.


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