A Higher Power

“Just because what is going on in your life right now doesn’t feel good,doesn’t mean God is not working” by Joyce Meyer

cloud-raysThe day after Easter, many of you may have had time to share with family yesterday,go worship together,share a meal,and a few laughs as well. I decided i would be in that vast majority,and by that i mean some of the congregation that you see at church on Easter.One of the so called” obligatory” holidays that non-practicing ,but still religious people do,to still feel like “If i attend on these important days God will give me a pass on the others”. However from attendance standards anywhere, whether work or school, it matters how many times you are absent as so much the times you did happen to make it.You could do your best work when you are there,but the key word is WHEN.
I was baptized a Catholic,and even spent many years in the parochial school system,only to be lead away from this religious life as I became an adult.Now i never stopped believing in God and the beliefs i was taught,i just had an ever so busy life that i decided could not include worshiping on a regular basis ,which is the farthest thing from the truth.
When i attend church i go to my “home”church ,so it’s the church where i had been baptized and the parish where i attended school.So it’s familiar territory, where many of my friends and neighbors attend as well. Well ,let me just say that the sermon and soul stirring singing today,definitely called me back to my faith and made me see why in the face on any and all adversity in your life you need Him.”Even when you think you are finished, HE is not done with you yet”,this  was the resounding message from the priest as he read the homily  ,and the lyrics that were emphatically  and emotionally sung by the choir as communion was received .Today, for me ,was a chance to start over,as with everyday you are granted on this earth.To walk in my path not just with the people I have chosen to walk with me,but to walk with the Lord closer on this path to see what he truly has in store for me.We ( and when I say that i include myself) tend to think of God as if  he were a book, when things are going well or if we are busy, we may not get a chance to read our book,  we put it down with good intentions of getting right back to it, or just read it if we have a dilemma and need to find out that answer or get that solution to a problem.When in reality he should be the number one best selling, most read , highly acclaimed book that we just can’t tear yourselves away from.


Author: Mrs.Dee

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8 thoughts on “A Higher Power”

  1. So true Sis. We are all on a journey. We all fall off the path God has for us at times. I fall off on a regular basis. :-). I’m just so thankful that God doesn’t give up on me. We can walk this walk together and help each other stay on track.

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  2. Hey Dee, I agree, I use to go church faithfully every Sunday..I even graduated from Evangelism class…I was even ordained as a lay Evangelist..I even went to Bible study on Wednesday and participated with Church credit union..however, ‘life’ happen and it got complicated..I got married and I’m grandmother now and my kids are driving me insane..& for some strange reason I turn the big 45 and all I have aches and pains in places that I didn’t use to have..&& all of sudden I too tired to go…so I started reading my Bible before bed and listening to my gospel on my way to work..and everyday I thank the Lord for blessing me for another day..so what I’m trying to say is that even if you have faith. Regardless if it’s as big as a mustard seed or as wide as a football field he still forgives and he loves us all..

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  3. As Catholics, my parents were the typical only on Christmas / Easter churchgoers… it was quite easy for my family to totally stop attending services… Easter 1966’s midnight mass being our last time. The good news here is that… as with you… I’ve never lost my faith in God. Your comparing our straying from the flock to setting down a book… one that can be picked up again… is oh so true. As you so astutely pointed out, “HE is not done with you yet”. About the only thing I’d add to that sentiment is, He is never done with us.

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  4. Nicely written and so from your hear. Our life is a book in his hands. I often see that people aren’t religious anymore. I miss that feeling. Being together share the things that we all have in common. What I also see is that when we have problems we only remember God the most than. Such a pity almost no one reminds Him when we are having good times.

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