Save that money

“When you have money, think of the time you had none” Japanese Proverb

In this day and age ,everybody no matter what walk of life you may be from, is trying to save money.We all love a good sale, finding that great deal that was almost a steal.When we do find that deal, and it just so happens to be exactly what we looking for , we leave that store victorious like we left the arena and won the event for our respective districts(my Hunger Games fans will definitely get a chuckle here).

Now don’t get caught up in the foolery of buying more (especially if you have no need for it)just because of the sale price, because then you are still spending  unnecessary money instead of saving money. Now if it is an item that you do use,and have a sizable family, there are advantages to buying items in bulk, and why places like Costos and BJ Wholesalers fair rather well.

With all the technology we have today, most times there is no need to  even clip those coupons or even read that circular( that they still continue to throw on our welcome mat or in the general vicinity).There are a plethora of apps such as:Ibotta,RetailMeNot,Flipp,Retale, and Ebates just to name a few, but the list is quite extensive.

Coupons without the paper, just your trusty smartphone. Seniors take full advantage of any discounts(show your id if you have to), if you hold a professional license (show your i.d. as well) for a savings, our ever so humble veterans as well ,show your id and with great pride. We work way too hard for the money to just spend it frivolously, learn how to spend it wisely.Your pockets and pocketbooks will thank me later for this advice, and you got it for the best price ever ……FREE!


Author: Mrs.Dee

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