Spring Cleaning

“Letting go of some things from our past, allows us to grasp onto new things in our future”. –A Mrs Dee quote

Happy Spring my good and lovely people!

As the new season is now upon us, we may find ourselves getting ready to rid our closets and garages of those old things we don’t use anymore, ┬átherefore cutting down on some of the clutter that is caused by those items we just can’t seem to part ways with, even though we haven’t used them in months or years(go figure…lol)

When we are taking this time to make life decisions about that broken chair that is worth saving if we could just find the leg, and about that designer coat that is probably about to resurface in the fashion world again if we just hold onto it a few more years.Spring cleaning is not just about things. It just may be time to get rid of some emotional clutter as well, and while we are on a cleaning frenzy, maybe even some people may need to be packed up and sold to the highest bidder.But if it eases the blow a little know that just because you have no need or purpose for these “items” in your life, they may be able to do someone else a world of good.

Make a donation, clean up, and clean out today so you can spring forward.



Author: Mrs.Dee

Inspirational Blogger/Entertainment enthusiast

18 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning”

  1. Makes me realize I need to move my butt and start de-cluttering. And yes, it’s not limited to the stuff in my room. :D. Nice post! ­čÖé

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  2. First of all, I love the opening quote from Mrs. Dee! You are so right we all need to do some spring cleaning on a regular basis. I started tackling mine and I think it might take till summer but I intend to keep at it

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  3. I am going to start cleaning my room right away, my mother will definitely be surprised by this..
    and I have too many things which I don’t use but I am sure someone else will find use for them..

    Thank you for this post.

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  4. Hey Dee, when my husband and I first moved in together..he called me a hoarder because I held on to every tax paper and piece of clothing that was too small..then he slowly talk me off the ledge per se..anyway, once I let that stuff go..I really felt relieved! I guess because I was starting a new journey of my life..

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    1. It is a process to acquire and it is a process to relinquish the things as well.Now about that time frame…..lol….we all have been guilty of “holding on”too long to things.


  5. My husband is somewhat of a hoarder. Me, on the other hand, if you are not using it and think that it can benefit someone else, give it away. If the size 10 dress has been hanging in the closet not worn since you went up a size or two, give it to your girlfriend or neighbor or the Salvation Army who will find someone that will wear it in good health. I just cleaned out my husband’s side of the closet (which makes room for some more of MY clothes) and now he can see the clothes that can actually be worn, instead of trying on pants after pants, or shirt after shirt that doesn’t fit. I also bagged three pairs of sneakers (barely worn) that my son left behind when he moved out. Now I feel better knowing that a much deserved friend of mine will be in style for the summer. God is an awesome God.

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