The Enemy Within:Self Sabotage

It can be amazing how the mind works.Beliefs that you hold in your subconscious mind can hinder you from success and happiness.The mind is a vey powerful tool.

Negativity from others can be expected sometimes, but when the majority of the negativity comes from yourself, it can be even more detrimental .We take the wind from beneath our own wings before we even have a chance to fly .Hopes and dreams never even get a chance to make it off the ground.

Behavior is considered self sabotaging when it creates problems within one’s self and therefore interferes with long standing goals.Prime examples of this mindset is our ever so infamous procrastination(i don’t have to do it RIGHT now,i’ll do it later approach),self medicating(abuse of drugs or alcohol–I need something to destress myself and create a diverson from the issue approach),comfort eating or  under eating , and even self injury as well.These behaviors linger in some of our lives because there is a lack of self confidence and self esteem. They all correlate with one another,because that is just how the mind operates.

But like with and any other hard times that we may go through in life (even if we are the main ones  putting ourselves though the ringer the most)this too shall pass and it can be overcome.You have to out smart the sabotaging behavior by changing your mindset.Changing your mindset and believing in it as well.Think positive and do positive.Nope, no long drawn out methods to the madness, it is just that simple.It can be as simple as postive affirmations during the course of the day, to creating the best love affair ever ………..with yourself. When you feel good about yourself it boosts your self esteem and you think more positive, and when we love ourselves(truly and deeply) we don’t even think twice about if what we are doing is wrong or right:we just do it……which is the opposite of procrastination.

Be willing to think more positive , and you will be able to get past the mental roadblock, that YOU were putting up. You will be able to get around it , and get to your happy place.


Author: Mrs.Dee

Inspirational Blogger/Entertainment enthusiast

12 thoughts on “The Enemy Within:Self Sabotage”

  1. I can be guilty of this. As a coach and someone who spews positivity to the world I find myself sometimes expecting the worst in relationships and frienships. It’s self sabotaging because it’s in my mind to sabotage it before it can sabotage me. Subconsciously I’m being negative when I consciously believe Im positive. Just another thing to as God to fix. 🙂

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  2. Dee, I just love this piece you wrote.I have so many times destroyed myself for the mistakes of others but believing in God made me build myself back up again.Your ability to use words in such a powerful way is a true gift.Greetings from South Africa.

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words,and I’m glad you enjoyed the piece.Salutations my friend. Being able to use my gift and walk in my purpose is a blessing that i will continue to share for as long as i can.

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