Small(and little) Victories

Today my husband and I had dinner for two at the Olive Garden for $4.95.

Let me share how:when we got married 3 years ago,family and friends chose practical gifts we could use(instead of that toaster) they gave us personal checks and gift cards as well.Now the checks we deposited immediately,but we held on to some lovely gift cards,and today we drew this one out of the hat.We also took full advantage of the establishments ‘ buy one,take one’ deal along with our gift card .

Saving some money and having a dinner date…..a small little victory for us,but even the small things matter.



Author: Mrs.Dee

Inspirational Blogger/Entertainment enthusiast

3 thoughts on “Small(and little) Victories”

  1. 1%… that does sound rather insignificant… but… if we try to improve ourselves by only that puny percentage each day? Well… in a little over three months… we’ll be 100% better human beings.

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