Trying New Things

When i first wake up in the morning i have my “one on one”with the man upstairs to give thanks for having yet another day to get things right.Second i have my cup of tea,when i do my thinking,create my to do list for the day,goals perhaps for the week.One day over my piping hot cup,i brewed up an idea as well.An idea that would have me move out on faith and walk out on courage.I decided i wanted a change of career,more fulfilling,and make money while doing it.The hardest step in the process would just be to get started. We find many ways in life to impede our own progress by not TRYING to move forward, not being confident in our own choices.Failures in life are inevitable, but as long as you survive your mistake,you go forth with a different approach to achieve your desired goal.I would like to  introduce you to myself , Mrs Dee….an up and coming freelance blogger.


Author: Mrs.Dee

Inspirational Blogger/Entertainment enthusiast

11 thoughts on “Trying New Things”

  1. This is wonderful! Writing is one of the most peaceful forms of release! When you put your mind to something and your heart is in alignment, the outcome is usually GREAT! I wish you the best of luck with this and I thank you for sharing this with me!

    God bless💜

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  2. Well done! It’s great for young parents to know the benefits of havingyoung grandparents to their children and even more important to know for that reason the grandparents are still living their own lives!

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    1. I wish you the best as well,us bloggers have to stick together and encourage one another.Looking into ways to guest blog for established businesses, if i find out anything good and noteworthy i will share with the class….lol


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