The Informal ,Formal Introduction

I equate this to being in a support group, we all know we have a common ground because if not we wouldn’t all be in this same class, but what is the common ground?, what connects us in some way, shape, form or fashion? Even if we bond by our life’s experiences,you still may want to know more about some of the people in your group.Once you do it eases the uncomfortability, takes away a little of the anxiety, you find possible similarities among yourselves that make things more relatable and you go from there.

Well * as i stand up in my virtual “support group”* My name is DeLisa , i am a 44 year old happily married woman, i’ve been married for almost 4 years, mother of 1 beautiful 25 year old daughter, grandmother of 1 vivacious 2 year old .I know some  of you may be trying to work out that math word  problem in their head .Former Certfied Pharmacy Technician, and I say former not that i retired but the job retired itself..After my company closed,an i had been there for 15 years,  i decided to do something constructive with my time off and  that i always loved as a child and even in my college years: to write.So in my blog i share with you some personal experiences of my own, my views on life, relationships, music, health and wellness and everything else in between.

Now that you know a little about me, tell me a little about yourself. Well there are a few things i picked up on, I’m a little perceptive.You love to read, because you are reading this now, you willing to try new things, because you may not have read my blog before but out of sheer curiosity or just plain good old fashioned newsiness you did.Well whatever brought you here I hope the bookmark brings you back so we can all “share ” again.


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