Defying Sterotypes

Today’s typical grandparents are defying the stereotypes of what we may remember our grandparents to be because they are younger than ever before.About 43 percent became grandparents in their fifties, and about 37 percent became grandparents in their forties. Grandparents because they are younger are more in touch and more relatable to the grandchildren which is an extra added bonus to the hugs, kisses,and secret stash of treats that are reserved just for the kiddies. Grandpops,and Mimis,Pop-pops, and Gigis are still working, playing sports,shopping and paying bill online(no check writing),and a part of social networks as well. One thing remains the same , grandparents no matter what the age , will always provide a certain love and enrichment in the grandchildren’s lives that can not be replaced.There just has to be a healthy balance between letting grandparents still live their own independent and vibrant lives and helping out with the grandchildren.