Music Therapy

Music is known to calm the savage beast, and the most savage of them all is mankind

“Some people have lives:some people have music” Author John Green

Music is the soundtrack to our lives.What we listen to can depend on how we are feeling, a moment that we are encountering, or just trying to evoke a memory. Music is an every growing and booming industry, a good portion of the success has moved away from people purchasing that vinyl 33 record, and is credited to the digital music streaming.All the music you want ,all genres, conveniently with all the portability you need.

Our selection of high energy fast paced tunes is just the mood modifier we may need when we are pushing through that gym workout, caught up in the music, we tend to feel less pain and fatigue.That sultry live jazz music playing , with the low lighting, can create a certain ambiance while you are dining and put you in a more intimate mood.

On a more therapeutic note, music can help aid with breakthroughs with people that have mental and developmental issues, and the elderly alzheimer patient.It can enhance higher brain function such as memory, concentration and attention.

So, that silly jingle from that darn commercial lingers in your head all day just because the advertisers paired it with right catchy melody.