An Ode to the Fathers

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as much as a father’s protection” by Sigmund Freud


Happy Father’s Day to all the upstanding men who accept this role and all it’s responsibilities( biological fathers,adoptive dads,stepdads).To all the men who have perhaps fathered children but are not being present in their children’s life ,you are missing out on a lifetime of memories(maybe by next year you will have seen the error of your ways and made that attempt to openĀ  heart and then you may partake in a celebration). For those like myself who are missing their most favorite hero in the whole wide world,because they have transitioned into a spiritual life,think fondly of your best memories with them and smile long and hard

Ladies who are doing the most awesome job being the single parent…. I’m sorry but you have had your day…it’s called Mother’s Day.I truly understand you may be doing an exceptional job ,but you can never replace what a father is (or father figure)to the children,like the best dad in the world
cannot substitute that motherly love and touch.It’s like being at work and they may ask you to take on more responsibilities,in addition to your position’s requirements,at the end of the week you don’t get 2 paychecks…just one.Let the men have their day today.